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Leadership, Motivation, Sales Techniques, Negotiation, Communication, Training, Human Behaviour, etc.

José Manuel García-Lomas y Allen-Perkins, Founder, President and 1st Consultant of glallenperkins | The ADO Corporation. With more than 40 years, nearly 3000 days of experience developing Commercial orientation programs, Sales Force Training, Leadership development programs and Management, in all kinds of multinational organizations in the business world and in all kinds of economic activity.

José Manuel García-Lomas y Allen-Perkins, Fundador, Presidente y Primer Consultor de glallenperkins | The ADO Corporation™, con más de 40 años de experiencia como Trainer y Consultor conduciendo Asesoramientos, Cursos, Entrenamientos y Procesos de Coaching, con cerca de 3.000 días realizando Programas de Desarrollo Comercial y del Management.

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